American Idol is over, like over over? I skipped all that. Here is Keith singing Lean On Me I guess to say goodbye for the 843rd time. (Side note: I have the exact same staircase as this.)


Thank you @americanidol for 4 AMAZING years! I loved every second of it. - KU #IdolFinale

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Hair stylist Chris McMillan is obviously super in demand and he’s been known to cut hair in the middle of the night (like Allison Williams’s 3 a.m. bangs). Here he is fresh from having cut Tobey and Jen Maguire’s children’s hair (which daughter Ruby is donating to charity) in the middle of the day – and it looks like a house call? That is some Aniston-level pull.


The family that cuts together stays together ✂️ thank you @mrchrismcmillan we love you ♥️

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Hilary Duff’s throwback is meant to be funny but I find childhood glamour shots disturbing. Kids this age are the opposite of glamour – they are weird and annoying and awkward, which is natural. Backcombing and rhinestones are only glamorous on Alexis Carrington Colby.


#glamourshots #thanksmom #1993 #tb

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Jared Leto works overtime to kill his hotness, and it works.


Happy friday xo

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Naomi Campbell mentors Bella Hadid, which would actually make a great reality show. Let’s just hope they don’t fall out over a Russian billionaire like her last mentee.