So this guy, Joseph Kahn (he directs Taylor Swift videos) goes out of his way to comment on/insert himself into stories but thinks gossip is feminine and thus beneath him? And the transgender joke, very edgy (in 1986).

Awww Buffy and Brenda.

Stephen King agrees with my stance on spoilers, which makes me feel a little less petty about my love of ruining things for people. (But do you think anyone told him what happens to Will?)

The comments on this post tell me that not enough people appreciate Beyoncé’s Formation (and the side of Kelly that isn’t appropriate for morning TV). Are you surprised Kelly can be sassy? I’m not, she’s friends with Andy Cohen. He doesn’t seem like the type to tolerate drips.



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In this scenario, an iPad would also work.

If given the choice, would you rather watch Olympics with the Pratt/Farris family…

Or the Kutchers? Is it even really a discussion? Chris compared Michael Phelps to Eminem in 8 Mile.


Arm chair Olympians. Go team USA!!! We got your back! Ty for the blazers @ralphlauren #liketolight

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Does it feel a bit like Mark Duplass is explaining the 80s canon to us? Stand By Me? The movie? Groundbreaking.