Turtle is engaged, and the ring is surprisingly tasteful. I like a solitaire.

A few people have tweeted me this article of man about town/celebrity BFF/writer Derek Blasberg. When the journalist wanted to verify his status and influence, who do you think she turned to? The ultimate gatekeeper, the friend to everyone who matters, the arbiter of taste. Be ready to eye roll.


'Sing it loud, we're from the Lou and we're proud!' @derrtymo @karliekloss #StLunatics

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Kat Denning’s cat is sorted into Slytherin.

I think I see a crystal in Lady Gaga’s bed. But still no Taylor Kinney.


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Magazines keep running headlines about Ariana’s new hair. Do they mean the fringe? Because last I checked she was still cutting holes in her baseball caps for her ponytail.


hello I love you

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It’s a good thing NBC now has Leslie Jones in the house.

Was DeNiro wondering why Mario was wearing bright orange Crocs, or is everyone just used to it now?


Late nite hang in eze !!! #liguriacotedazur2016

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Maybe my radar is seriously off, but to me this post comes off as sincere and logical. Especially the PS – everyone loves a celebrity at the table, especially in the Hamptons.


While much has been written over the years about me that I simply allow to roll off my back... I do stand up for my friends when things seem unfair and this is the case here... On the heels of a mutual statement made due to pressure from media outlets regarding the status of our relationship, John Mellencamp and i which clearly explained, that "distance and work"were all that stood in the way of our relationship...then comes along this convoluted article which cherry picks lyrics from a Mellencamp song ,Peaceful World, (which was written right before we went to war w Iraq )...and another more obscure song, The West End , which is about Seymour Indiana and how big box stores have ruined the small towns ..and somehow Richard Johnson extrapolates from these old lyrics that John is against progressive Democratic politics and somehow sounds like a "Trump fan ", and that "hell-bent political opinions and redneck ways" were the reasons we parted. John and I are actually both patriotic Americans who do our fair share of working to bring Americans together John primarily thru his work with Farm Aid and thru his music , which by the way he just gave Hilary Clinton his song for her campaign "Our Country". I was a delegate from the 1st congressional district of NY for Al Gore and have been on the campaign trails speaking out on behalf of our environmental health and nuclear disarmament. We both believe that we stand a better chance of overcoming the problems America faces when Americans of every race religion ethnicity , gender, black lives ,blue lives, come together in mutual respect and love and that's why we are both voting for Hillary. As to the problem JOHN and I faced it's just Mileage. Pure and simple. Not that exciting or salacious, sorry. PS John has more friends and invitations to sit at fancy tables in the Hamptons than I do, and in that setting he's very funny and charming. #nypost @nypost @pagesix #pagesix #richardjohnson #truth

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