One of Lainey’s favourite un-Swoki couples, Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb. Do you think she could ever convince him to join Instagram?


he doesn't trust you...i keep trying to convince him, but no g-o- #sammyandleslie

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I’m really looking forward to Narcos season 2, even though I am slightly worried about a sophomore slump. The show doesn’t have enough time for that, considering Pablo’s timeline. And that is not a spoiler, you can’t spoil a real person’s life!


Angel on my shoulder? #NarcosSeason2 streams on #Netflix Sept. 2. Let's catch this f***er.

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Speaking of sophomore slumps, season 2 of UnREAL. Yikes, a total mess (and not in a hot way). Ira from MTV (one of my favourite writers and tweeters) can tell you exactly why.


Wine class!! Cc: @helenjohannesen @valleybrinkroad

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Oh maybe not “the best mentor” Brett Ratner.

Rihanna visits giant Rihanna in Berlin. Where’s her glass of wine? She’s always carrying a glass of wine.

I’m sure Scooter Braun is greatly enjoying getting bombarded by Beliebers every time he posts something on Instagram.


Hard at work @sb_projects

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No one loves a good Twitter clapback more than Jo.