Dane Cook holds a grudge like a megalomaniac billionaire. And he’s not up on his news – how is he just hearing about Gawker now?! Good ol’ Dane piqued my interest, so if you are wondering what he is so upset about, maybe it’s the time Gawker categorized him as one of America’s worst comedians. Or when they reported on his NBC sitcom. Or when they called him an “insufferable prick.” Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Patton Oswalt is around to be the comedian big brother and tell Dane to suck it up.

I’m going to Vegas on Friday and am semi-tempted to see Calvin Harris in his natural habitat. I want to count how many times he points his finger in the air.


Fridays @ Omnia

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No one is calling this a comeback. A photoshoot is not a comeback, but that is what Lindsay tried to sell for a long time. In New York Magazine, in Vanity Fair, in an assortment of fashion magazines all over the world. It never worked because she refuses to put in the work. Magazines jump on the headline because if by any chance she does make a comeback, they could take some credit for predicting it.

Napster co-founder, early Facebook investor and all around Silicon Valley cheeseball Sean Parker offered Ian McKellen $1.5 million to officiate his wedding. McKellen obviously declined (and probably got a good eye-roll out of it). Hahahahahahahahahaha.

A Hawn/Hudson/Russell family memento: Kate Hudson wrote this note to Goldie when she was 14 or 15.

Master of None season 2 is finally is starting to film. There will be no sophomore slump here. Right? Right?!


Season 2 inizia adesso! (Season 2 begins now!) #MasterofNone

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