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Hailey Baldwin is working on a makeup collaboration that focuses on “filter-esque hues”. So it’s Snapchat face?



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This is the guy who created Entourage. Which explains everything.


Everything is just better here

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Sofia Richie turns 18 and wears pants that only an 18-year-old (or Gwen Stefani) could pull off.



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In a recent interview with Allure, Jessica Alba said she is over her tattoos. I can understand that, I wouldn’t get one because that’s my fear – in a week or a month I’d hate it. But I’ve heard removal is extremely painful, is that true?


Hey #NYC I missed ya

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Drew is at an interesting point right now: she went from child star to rebellious, hippie-ish young adult to rom-com darling to wife/mom/boss/businesswoman – and she’s kept her Drew-ness intact. She’s obviously still acting and a mom/boss/businesswoman, but I wonder if she will be incorporating more flower crowns (she was doing them WAY before Coachella!) and toplessness into her brand now. And we haven’t really seen new-single Drew yet. What does that look like?


#lakepowell #hello

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If you’ve seen a headline about Sarah Jessica Parker and the EpiPen and wondered, “What?”, Gizmodo breaks it down with, in my opinion, a very hard line at SJP. Here’s her statement.


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Season 2 trailer Narcos is up on Esquire UK. I feel like the blonde cop could be really hot, like Charlie Hunnam-level hot, if his character wasn’t such a law and order Pollyanna.


Angel on my shoulder? #NarcosSeason2 streams on #Netflix Sept. 2. Let's catch this f***er.

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