Shawn Mendes gave an interview to Billboard and is claiming he was misquoted about his fans not knowing him. I want to shake these young popstars and tell them not to pander to their fandoms. It’s OK if they don’t “know” you. You can love and appreciate your fans without giving them your soul. Because they will eat it. Just ask Bieber.

Ryan Reynolds put some effort into this joke and googled other celebs with the same birthday.

If I don’t get a food order in before a second round of drinks I can’t focus. “Yes of course I want to talk about your Tinder dates for two hours but can we order some appetizers first?”

“Margot Robbie Holds a Hedgehog” is going to be the title of her new Vanity Fair profile. And then it will be 1500 words on the light catching her eyelashes or the curve of her top lip, or whatever the writer gets obsessed about.


Hedgehog cafe in #tokyo ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต

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Goddamn Patrick Dempsey has great hair.


On set hair touch up by Talula

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Nick Kroll has designed a shoe. If he writes a blog post about packing lunches in mason jars he could get a celebrity lifestyle expert feature on PEOPLE.

Alex Pettyfer is on vacation and being real subtle about it.


Postcard #piratesofthecaribbean #atlantisbahamas #bahamas @atlantisresort #thecoveatlantis

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The green jacket is amazing, the white shoes are great, but Solange’s wide leg leather pants are next level. Part of what makes them so special is that so few can pull them off. She, obviously, is one of the few. One of the reasons I so enjoy her styling choices is because they are inimitable – if I wore this I would look like a clown.


๐Ÿ’š #sidewalkspotted w @michaelkors and @tommyton ๐Ÿ’š

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It’s been a sh-t week for women on the internet, but you know who hasn’t had a sh-t week? Wendi Deng. She is sitting up in a penthouse somewhere – or maybe she’s on a yacht –toying with her rich and powerful friends like she’s making moves on a chess board. What a f-cking boss. To take you into the weekend: an ode to Wendi.