In her extremely limited time on stage last night, Rita Ora was trying the most. She was straining for a “moment” with Ansel Elgort. But do you think, being surrounded by people who actually make music and music videos people care about, Rita felt her place in the celebrity pecking order? “Vmas we did it again” - did what boo you were on stage for 10 seconds introducing Nick Jonas.

Miley Cyrus skipped the VMAs for yoga and dogs (and probably some weed). Good call.


Sorry I can't make it to the VMAzzz I am toooo busy at home doing yoga & making out w my dogs! 👅💖✌️

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The Times published a “day in the life” story on Balthazar Getty, and I straight-up snorted when I read about his wake-up time and breakfast routine (I won’t spoil it for you here.)  It’s like everything you think of really rich people is true and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Balthazar’s bike collection. He’s not so pleased with it though.

JLo has never been subtle about love, or loving love, or her need to be in love. Her memoir was called True Love. Which is why I worry this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Casper Smart.


@egt239 i think this is what you meant to post... Ha. #protectyourheart #shadesofblue #setlife

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Drew is on a major fitness kick right now, it’s all over her Instagram. Cameron seems like a solid hiking/workout partner, she wouldn’t jam out because she got her period.


With #billygoatdiaz otherwise known as @camerondiaz #hikes2016 #sweatysundays

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OK this is a throwback: Melanie Griffith’s sweet 16 party.

I saw this on Kathleen’s Twitter feed and had to share it: Chance the Rapper is all of us when Beyonce crashes his interview.

Whenever I see a Jeremy Renner daddy/daughter post, it makes me think of this uncomfortably hilarious song from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It even works with zero context.


Behind the scenes set visit with my angel #readyforhercloseup #sharedexperiences #chatsonajetski

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