I wish every profile about third best Joker Jared Leto started with this tweet.

George Wallace has some soothing words for Chachi.

I find celebrity “Happy Birthday” photos so interesting. Nine times out of 10 the well-wisher chooses a photo that flatters them and not the person they are trying to celebrate. Take for instance this shot of Gisele and Tom: sure they look hot, but we mostly get her expression, the sun hitting her face – this is a Gisele photo, not a Tom photo.

My favourite example of Happy Birthday f-ckery is from exactly one year ago, when Taylor posted this photo of Calvin Harris to celebrate her best friend Karlie Kloss. You can see Karlie in the background, right? It’s Karlie’s birthday today, so Taylor has to say something. Or does she?

Charlie Puth is trying to shade Justin Bieber’s song writing advice with this tweet. Um… stick to begging your fans to help you get into the top 10 on iTunes, boo.


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I know many of you deeply care for (and want to bone) Pacey, so here is Joshua Jackson looking hot. Both he and Diane are looking great post-breakup. What does that mean?