Clear eyes, full hearts, White House edition. (And yes of course President Obama is a Panther.)

Going back to what I mentioned yesterday, Taylor did wish Karlie a Happy Birthday on social media (and I have no objection to the photo choice because they are both equally featured). And then Karlie thanked Taylor for the birthday wishes. That must be exhausting -- having to thank a friend for saying “Happy Birthday.” Isn’t it a given that your best friend will say it and not require public acknowledgment for being soooooo thoughtful?

I am here for this The Anniversary Party throwback. Kevin Kline, Phoebe Cates, and a newly famous Gwyneth Paltrow. Have I harassed you into seeing this yet, if you already haven’t?


Me and Jennifer Jason Leigh celebrating not having won two Independent Spirit Awards for The Anniversary Party, 2002 #tbt

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Ben Affleck has been quite well behaved lately. And this charity tweet – well, it’s more good behaviour, particularly considering how closely Jennifer Garner works with Save the Children. And she has been very supportive of this cause as well.

Yesterday Billboard posted a story about “Sorry” songwriter Diana Gordon, specifically the reference to “Becky with the good hair.” I suspect it reignited the bees and lemons in Rachel’s comments, because she posted this shortly thereafter. So her original “good hair, don’t care” comment was taking the high road?

Leslie Jones loved War Dogs – and she thinks Miles Teller is the bomb. Do we all need to rethink Miles Teller? (Lainey: no)

There are probably a few things the Lohans should consider quitting.

I enjoyed Eva Mendes’s new interview in Latina magazine – it was detailed enough, but she’s not throwing her family at you to sell a project.


Our new collection is here!!!! #evamendesnyc

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