Cold soup is an insult to food (and don’t come at me with gazpacho because it is literally the worst) but I do appreciate Jessica Seinfeld’s captions. We need a little more sarcasm in lifestyle.

Here’s the opposite of that: Vanessa Lachey has some basic lemonade recipes for you. (Spoiler alert: it’s lemons, sugar and water.) 600 words for three lemonade recipes? Someone needs to hire an editor.

Jaime King plays tourist in Vancouver. If you follow the LA Mommy Mafia as closely as I do, you’ll notice that Jaime went from the inside to the outside over the last year or so. I’m very curious to know why (although I suspect it has to do with competing beauty lines).


Your favorite local tourist in the house βœ”οΈ

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Kiki in a Rodarte bomber and using a cane and all I can think about is whether or not Jesse Plemons took the shot.


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The Pokemon is headed to Flavortown. (Ryan Phillippe is mildly obsessed with Guy Fieri and has a #fierifridays hashtag.)


gotta flavor 'em all early #fierifridays (his CP ng)

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I read this last night – everyone seems very concerned about Jonah Hill’s reputation (including Jonah himself), as if being in comedies is holding him back. He’s been nominated for two Oscars and works with the most prestigious actors/directors in Hollywood. How has comedy hurt him? He has an abundance of options.

Nia Long looks amazing and is so underrated.

Gina loves Marky Mark. Do we need to rethink Mark Wahlberg? (Lainey: no.)

Orlando Bloom’s fan base has grown exponentially.

Wilmer joins the cast of NCIS in the fourteenth season. Maybe he needs a new pool house?


On set of #NCIS with @emilywickersham & #PauleyPerrete

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Britney’s reaction when she finds out Ryan Seacrest likes girls.