A dog dressed up for a holiday is never a bad thing. Don Rickles’s dog dressed up for Hanukkah is an amazing thing.

These fitness Friday photos are so boring. Can we change it to something fun, like Fried Chicken Fridays?


Fitness FriYAY πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

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Koala bears were the selfie animal of choice in 2015. (Yes, I know this is technically not a selfie.)


I've fallen in love

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Ashley shows up for her TV dad, Bob Saget. Where was Mary-Kate? Maybe there was a strict no smoking rule at the venue.

I can’t read Portuguese but I’m guessing Wagner is celebrating his Golden Globes nomination. Narcos – have you yet? If not, get on it over the holiday break, if you have one.

Gwyneth is very excited about the Goop team dinner.

Caroline Wozniacki hangs with The Rock on the set of Ballers.


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Today I’m working in a coffee shop and forgot my headphones so I had to listen to this out loud, like an asshole. And you know what? It’s Charlie Hunnam, so it was well worth the embarrassment. There’s an “artist in residence” working next to me and he keeps giving me the stink eye. I don’t care. “Took my fancy” was worth it. Happy Charlie Hunnam Friday.


This is so fucking great! #CharlieHunnam

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