Ohmygod this shirt! This baby!!! Even Lainey will find Lucy Liu’s son too damn cute here.


When it's your birthday and you're feeling...

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Like Mindy Kaling says in Why Not Me?, they ALL use fake hair. Some, like Anne Hathaway, don’t mind admitting it.

Lala Anthony in Tom Ford at the Chiraq premiere: THIS is how you wear a metallic dress.

I know it’s Valentino, but doesn’t Gwyneth look like someone who wears sneakers on the train and then changes her shoes in the elevator before she gets to her desk?

Speaking of office etiquette, NeYo is the guy who writes his name on his lunch with a “DO NOT TOUCH” Post-it note and Hilary Duff is the person who steals it anyway.

I’m curious as to why Rashida Jones is wearing a kimono and this wig. But let’s not freak out, the photo doesn’t have any context. She’s not Julianne Hough walking into a Halloween party in blackface, right? If it’s that type of situation, I will be shocked.


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Maybe Leo is at Art Basel supporting the Haas brothers, and his bestie Lukas. Did you ever think of that Lainey?! A note to my dear fellow Leo fans: I will be your voice during this long Oscar campaign season. No matter how much Lainey shames me. (Lainey: If anyone would take him, at this point Leo would offer up Lukas Haas as sacrifice for that Oscar.)


Checking out my bros' booth at Art Basel! So proud of @thehaasbrothers @simonhaas @nikolaihaas

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