This PR push for Katie Holmes’s new film feels as never-ending as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Which would be fine if she weren’t such a snooze.


“I’m the youngest of 5, I have 3 older sisters, obviously I’m a mom, and I feel comfortable with telling female relationship stories because I’ve been surrounded by so many women my whole life,” Katie Holmes told @nytimes. So for the 37-year-old actress’s directorial debut, she naturally chose a female protagonist — this one drowning in life’s complications and fighting desperately to keep her daughter from going down with her. “You just go for it,” @katieholmes212 said. “You do fumble and make mistakes. But I came out of it inspired to do it again.” @allwehadmovie, which is set during the 2008 financial crisis, opens December 9. @emilyberl took this portrait of @katieholmes212 at @cbstvstudios in Studio City, California. Visit the link in our profile to read more about how #KatieHolmes is moving behind the camera and keeping her daughter, #SuriCruise, out of the Hollywood glare.

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Has Jude Law ever had a nickname?

I imagine that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s night at home looks like a fragrance ad.

I feel like this will make up for Lainey missing Hamilton.

This is totally a one-in-a-million scenario, but what happens if you are a celebrity/rich person and invite your wife’s friends to surprise her in Hong Kong for a vacation in Thailand? It’s a big commitment for the friends -- it’s not a few hundred bucks on a nice dinner, it’s thousands of dollars plus time off work, coordinating schedules etc. So does Aaron pick up the tab? I say yes. Though I think the accommodations were discounted (or outright comped) in exchange for some conveniently timed publicity.

Elisha Cuthbert’s very Canadian birthday cake. Remember when she dated JT’s friend/assistant Trace Ayala and when they split everyone thought What Goes Around was about her? I think the moral of the story is Justin can only write good songs about interesting women. Otherwise the songs are terrible and annoying.

A talk show host visits another talk show host to promote a talk show. Trevor Noah is pretty adorable, even when he’s making a low-key “help me” face.


I'm on @trevornoah tonight. @thedailyshow Thursday @comedycentral

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