Bob Saget, Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin go for a stroll in Times Square. Wait, what?

Melissa McCarthy and Brian Atwood enjoyed a BFF weekend in Vegas – do you think she has to wear his line of shoes all the time? Like can she switch it up and wear Jimmy Choos or Loubs, or does he get mad at her? I’m going to pay very close attention to her choices from now on.


Best BFF Weekend!!! @melissamccarthy @michaelmcgraw69 #vivalasvegas #vegas #brianatwood

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I can’t take one more Art Basel photo of Adrien Brody in front of his installation or a sweaty billionaire hanging off a model. This Miami, I can take.


Swag on 💯! Miami in the 90's‼️ Me Kate Naomi and Ingrid!

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One of my favorite things about Jane the Virgin is how it incorporates telenovela tropes into its narrative, so I’m definitely going to try Eva Longoria’s Telenovela. The reviews have been pretty solid, which is encouraging, but it’s on NBC, which is… well, we’ll see.

Don’t ever say Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally lack dedication to puzzles.

I’m trying SO HARD to stay with Nashville because I love Connie Britton so much, but it’s such an uneven show. And why have the male characters started to heavily outnumber the female characters? Some of the storylines are straight up intolerable, so I try to think of Scarlett and Gunther as a separate hate watch/show-within-a-show just to get through it.


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Patti LaBelle giving Lee Daniels sh-t over disinviting her to the Oscars is absolutely making my day. I love how she gives him the exact price of her gown.