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Is it too early to start worrying about Sofia Richie? She’s 18. Chill on the club appearances and maybe don’t let an “international DJ” with Fraggle Rock hair extensions (my favourite insult c/o Tina Fey) consume your youth.


Tonight!!! @parishilton the new generation @sofiarichie @galore #princepeter #takeover #gonnabelit #tbt

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The Rock thinks Matt Lauer is the opposite of glib.


Just wrapped a great @todayshow interview for #RockTheTroops🇺🇸. (THANK U producers and crew!👏🏾👍🏾). Gotta tell you somethin' about this guy @mattlauernbc. Never told anyone this story, including him. About 16yrs ago I came on this show and was interviewed by Matt. I wasn't in Hollywood at the time. I had no agents, no publicists, no assistants, no production company.. nothing. I was a successful pro wrestler for the WWE and decided to write a book. What got me in front of Matt Lauer was my book became a #1 NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLER. The majority of interviews I did during that book tour was challenging cause it was always about "Is wrestling fake? Are you fake? Wrestling is silly, did you parents actually name you the Rock?, why are you writing a book..?" etc etc. So by the time I sat with Matt I was prepared that the interview was gonna be another side ways shit show, and I was ready just to get it over with as quick as possible. Why would one of the most respected journalist in our business really care? I was ready for the firing squad to come. It never did. Matt was awesome. He might not have known much about the WWE at the time or who the hell this guy called "The Rock" even was, but he was so cool, engaged, respectful and kind. A good man and I'll never forget it. Thanks brother for being a class act. Now years later here we are again laughing away, not a shit show in sight and talking about the stuff that really matters - giving back. Be kind, cause you just never know the impact it'll have. Just noticing now the perfectly timed photo bomb in the background outside who's f*cking up all my sexiness.😂 #TodaysShow #RockAndMatt #RockTheTroops🇺🇸 DEC 13th.

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Wait, did everyone know Bobby Cannavale has a son from his first marriage? A hot son! Don’t worry I looked it up -- he’s 21.


With the kid @jakecannavaleasfuck at THE WHITE HOUSE last night for the Kennedy Center Honors

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Lucy Liu’s son Rockwell probably had food on his face.


#mood @le.roar

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Hailee Steinfeld has had a really good year (you can read Sarah’s review of The Edge of Seventeen here). And unlike most stars her age, there’s isn’t a lot (or any?) of public drama.

I have to admit, it took me a couple of seconds (OK minutes) to realize these are slippers.


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Is Irina going to post a pregnancy selfie? Will Bradley be a belly cupper? TBD.

Why isn’t anyone asking proper gossip hounds how to combat fake news? We’ve been doing it for years. For example, I briefly scanned a story in a lower-tier tabloid that reported Drew Barrymore wants to reunite with her ex Will Kopelman. Although it’s not an outrageous lie, I don’t believe it because of the source and the evidence presented – a few family Instagram photos. We all know that means the tabloid is taking a guess.


@yeswayrose #christmascameearly #thankyou #loveyou #rosefriends with @barrymorewines

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