No new friends. (And no more Meek Mill.)


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I am not a sports fan, but I do enjoy sports gossip. LeBron taking on Charles Barkley is highly entertaining, because LeBron refers to himself as “the new sheriff in town” and Barkley loves to tangle with people (including Gabrielle Union). LeBron alludes to Charles’s gambling, partying and finances saying, "I know he wanted to retire a long time ago, but he can't. He's stuck up on that stage every week."

I’m slowly working my way through The Young Pope. So far, I’ve been more entertained by the social media jokes (like this) than the actual show – it’s flashy and vapid. But maybe that’s the point?

“I’m not here to make friends.”

Did everyone know that Jurnee Smollett Bell (Jess from FNL!) and Jussie Smollett are brother and sister? Lainey knew. I feel cheated.

All of the women from Girls have really great hair right now.



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Nerd porn.


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Wesley Snipes has heard all the tax jokes. Like every single one. (And if you keep seeing “cash me outside” and are wondering why, thank you Urban Dictionary).


😂 seemed fitting

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Kathleen wrote an excellent piece on Salma Hayek and Jessica Williams (read it here). Salma says she didn’t realize that the LA Times interview had caused so much uproar, and has responded on social media. The “Rest assured, I will right this wrong…” sounds a little foreboding, no?


I am so sorry that I did not respond earlier to the feelings and valid concerns many of you have expressed in the last few days about a story that was published this weekend by the Los Angeles Times. I had not checked my phone through the weekend and only saw the article last night. I am deeply disturbed by the way this story has misrepresented me and manipulated my words in printing them out of context. We all believed we were in a forum to brainstorm about ways in which women in the industry could thrive and that was my heart’s intention. I have always and will always support the empowerment and the voices of black women and women of color. It is inaccurate that I did not let Jessica express herself, she very passionately and eloquently spoke her mind and I listened and engaged in what she was saying. In fact I was very disappointed that the conversation was cut short and not able to continue. I am devastated that something that left me feeling inspired and empowered has since been depicted as a cat fight, and worse yet painted in this way by a female journalist. Rest assured, I will right this wrong…

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