Can you imagine this getting made now? It would never happen. Same with Dirty Dancing.


Don and I when I was shooting Nightmoves... I was 16, he was 24😎 1973

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Everyone loves Chris Pratt --- including Vincent D’Onofrio.

Britney wants to have a word with Albert Einstein. He’s real smart, y’all.


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Mo’Nique in Formation.

Is she recording music? And if yes – why? In an industry being dominated by female pop artists, no one is asking for new Jessica Simpson. Her old stuff doesn’t even have nostalgic pull.


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Fake boobs don’t faze Dakota.


@tamrajudge's implants - the gift that keeps on giving! #WWHL

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Do you think Julianne Moore would ask to have her history adjusted if she didn’t like what came up? Nope. But she probably wouldn’t f-ck around with the help, either.

Lainey is going to get so mad at me but if you look real quick, Heidi could pass for Gwyneth here.


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But I’m going to make it up to her with this.


Bbq night @aarontaylorjohnson

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