When your twin is also having a fire year. (I really like Riz even though I couldn’t get through The Night Of.)

Nicki praises Adele for starting over.

Retta didn’t show up to brunch to watch everyone else double-fist, OK?


@unforettable is annoyed cause she only has one drink and @sbh13 and I both are double fisting it. HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

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Dana Brunetti is the producer of 50 Shades and has been described as “openly disliked and secretly beloved”. He is very sensitive about 50 Shades criticism. This is what I don’t get about his position: if you are in it to make buckets of money (which it has) and you think critics don’t “get it”, then why are you mad about the really bad reviews? You say you didn’t make the movie for them, but then you want them to like it. Just take the money and buy another Tesla dude.

This reminds me of those muscle t-shirts you can get at cheesy beachside shops.


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Lindsey Vonn hangs with the Federers and won a medal. Shout out to the dummy who commented that Lindsey should have put “spoiler alert” in her caption before the race aired on TV. It’s her medal, she can talk about it if she wants to.

Yes I know it’s Tom Ford but both Erika Girardi and Lisa Vanderpump wore a version of the top of this dress on the last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It worked better in that context than on Katy.


✨Bringing that Tom Ford light at #TheGrammys #chainedtotherhythm 2.12.17✨ Tap for credits B

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Hannah Davis and Derek Jeter are expecting their first child. It’s the year of renowned bachelors having babies! (Do you remember the rumour that Derek used to give out gift baskets to his one-night stands? If it is true, I hope someone kept it and sends it back to him for a baby gift.)



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