What in the Frankenporny is this? Someone went a little bit nuts with the Photoshop tool. Look at her body from the waist down. Okkkkkkk Jessica.


Happy Valentines Day #thisJohnsonisgettinIt

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Apparently Jaime King “stormed out” of Kanye West’s fashion show after she heard the lyric about Taylor. That’s about as effective as me “storming out” of my office (I’m on the couch in my pajamas). There’s not even someone around to pretend to care.


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You know what the most interesting thing about this photo is? It looks like Jen still uses a Blackberry. I know you diehards are out there (my sister is one of them). And it explains why she carries a camera, too – you can’t take a great photo with a Blackberry.


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Say prune: a rare candid photo of the Olsens.


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Drake brought his former high school teacher to the big game.

Looking at this I can only assume Casper needed a ride to the florist and also some cash to pay for the roses. And maybe gas money for the week.



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Don’t even get my hopes up with this. Can you imagine?!


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