Nah, I disagree with Whoopi that the fashion world is being “mean” to Tiffany. Because she used her name to get the seat – and if that’s the case, she doesn’t get to ignore her name when she sits down. She can buy and wear whatever she wants, but a front row seat at a fashion show is business.

Chance the Rapper is adorable though.

What heinous crime are they solving now? (I also made the mistake of googling Benson and Stabler fanfic and will be giggling all day.)


And then that happened... Just when I thought Valentine's Day was over.

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Why is it that lower-tier tabloids try to link Riley Keough to male stars right after they get out of a high profile relationship? It’s happened with Nicholas Hoult, Robert Pattinson and most recently Andrew Garfield. She’s married.


@tmagazine 😝 🙏

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Mandy Moore with Harvey Weinstein and Anna Wintour at fashion week – think back to Mandy’s status three years ago. It’s a proper comeback! And I love that she wore jeans to Marchesa because that whole line is the opposite of jeans.


Sitting with some fashion newbies at the dazzling @marchesafashion show. 😉

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Kate Hudson surprised her kids with a visit from Twenty One Pilots, which her ex Matthew Bellamy probably help set up. His girlfriend was there, too. Conscious uncoupling on steroids.

When Lupita met Lauryn.