A story about going out, in three parts.






Is it a Super Bowl party if you have to wear a suit or a gown?



It’s David Geffen’s birthday so I looked up the last photo he posted: in December, he celebrated Steven Spielberg’s birthday with Martin Short and JJ Abrams on Steven’s yacht, 7seas. David’s yacht is called Rising Sun and is bigger. Do mega-rich men compare square footage, or is it tacky to talk about size? Marty must tease them incessantly about it.



JJ, Marty, Spielberg and me celebrate Steven's 70th in the Bahamas on 7seas

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Jeremy Renner’s captions make me feel like he’s jockeying for this job.



Daily prayer for unity #roughroad #strangedays #smallthingsmatter #beActiveNotReactive

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“Elizabeth Olson turned a cancelled yoga retreat into an opportunity to help impoverished locals” sounds like a Cheryl Strayed book.



JLo played “who'd you rather” with Ellen – she resisted at first but then she got into it. It’s very interesting to see who she blows past (like The Weeknd) and who she pauses on (like Chris Martin). The producers chose well.