This must have been a very busy week for dermatologists in LA. Last chance to get those tweaks in so they settle nicely before Sunday.

Julia visiting the New Yorker’s office reminds me of the Ziggy cartoon episode of Seinfeld. Can you imagine a network comedy centering a storyline around the New Yorker today? It really is stunning that the show made it past 4 episodes.


Dropped by @newyorkermag to give #DavidRemnick advice about their new large format. Weighty stuff. #stretchforshittyjoke

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We’ve all been closely watching the Kesha stuff, and there’s been a lot of Twitter support, along with some financial support. A shout-out at the Brits, a Lenny Letter. But I’m always curious as to how that will translate to real-life action. BuzzFeed asked 20 artists if they would work with Dr. Luke (most have already), and the answers are… well, I’ll let you decide.


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Lea continues her Revenge Bod Tour.

Rashida is 40, looks 25. Freckle power!


This is 40. 🍾🎂🎉🎈

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I thought you weren’t allowed to take pictures in Soho House? And what is that dress?


Soho House LA🎉 Oscars weekend. @valemicchetti

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Beyoncé for GARAGE Magazine. Do you know who the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Garage is? Dasha Zhukova.


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Where does one even find a tall brown boot like that these days? Are they custom made? Did she buy a lifetime supply in 2002?


Going to play!

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Why is Lukas in DC? He needs to get to LA, Sunday is a big night for him, too.


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I didn’t take Gisele and Tom for the Sears Portrait Studio types.