Gordon Ramsay often responds to fans who send him homemade food pics. Asking for his feedback is like going to one of the novelty restaurants where the waitstaff is rude on purpose.

Priyanka took a selfie with Mick at an airport and captioned it in part “Oscars here we come.” Some outlets took that to mean she was attending the Oscars with Mick. I could see how the “we” could be misinterpreted, but Mick probably goes to the parties, so I think she meant “here we come” as in we are both going to be there. Whatever, remember when the wrong Best Picture name was read out?


Change of plans ! Oscars here we come.. @mickjagger LA LA land...

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Paulina and Dustin’s golf ball gender reveal.



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Emma poses with Auntie J.

Salma’s Oscar throwback…about when she was “so skinny”.

She can’t even put any physical effort into kissing. She refuses to hold her head up or purse her lips. Bryan is doing all the work – that’s what he’s there for. And I love her for it.


"No one knows what it means, but it's provocative ... it gets the people going!" πŸ˜‰

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