Liam and his adorable dog (I think that’s Dora?). Try to control yourselves.


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Fine, make a video, but why is he up front and she’s playing back up? It should be the other way around! You know who would never allow this? Mimi. (Also she looks fantastic without makeup for any age.)


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Brett Ratner’s grandmother has the most awesome Instagram.


#WarrenBeatty beat out Mick and won the night with @princessfanita #Grandma @hilhavenlodge

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Paulina in a boring black dress with boring hair.


I keep my hands to myself 🙅🏼

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Wolverine and Deadpool – can they be in the same universe? Or am I going to get nerd yelled at?

Jessica Alba is collaborating with DL1961 on 8-10 pieces for fall. She said her fit inspiration is her own body and the 90s supermodels (Cindy, Naomi, Claudia) …so I guess she just wants her friends to wear them?


So excited! @dl1961denim

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If you are looking for a celebrity, any celebrity, check backstage at Hamilton. And I love Sia but have to disagree with her here – it’s Jason Street, always.


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