Diane Keaton is publishing a book called, “The House That Pinterest Built.” I prefer Houzz.

Why would a “Katie” need a coffee name? “Katie” IS the coffee name.


My #starbucks mom de coffee #santamonica

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Jenny Slate could play Baby in a Dirty Dancing revival. “I carried a watermelon.”


Brush. Your. Teeth. It's the most fun.

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They truly look like sisters. How does Demi do it? It’s not just the filter or the light, she actually looks fresh. If there was one celeb who should start a skin care line, it’s her. But maybe what she’s doing isn’t fit for over-the-counter consumption.

Lindsay Lohan is up to the usual, work, work, work, and more work.

I’ve always been very curious about Madonna’s siblings (except Christopher – he’s obviously the rogue one).

Lena explores her inner Tracy Flick.

I know everyone will be going nuts for the Degrassi denim jacket, but I prefer the sweatshirt.