I’ve been meaning to post Jemima’s take on La La Land– people are either totally defensive about loving it or completely in agreement about dismissing it.

Scarlett Johansson shared the most boring anecdote about Mark Consuelos accidentally taking her breast pump, which was supposed to read as endearing and relatable. But a breast pump doesn’t automatically make a story funny or interesting. A breast pump being stashed in the wrong limo for 10 minutes… Scarlett has better stories than that.


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Larsa and Scottie Pippen are back together – so she’s done with Future?


La nights!

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Pink doesn’t think Lady Gaga copied her acrobatic act. Did anyone?


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Thank you for your tweets re: Jane the Virgin. I hear you. I feel you. But we knew, right?

Tom Brady knows what you all are saying on social media – he even commented on this.


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Isabelle Huppert joined Instagram January 5. Emma Stone is an abstainer. This won’t affect Oscar votes (the bulk of the voting demo won’t care about social media) but it does signify a willingness to hustle in all areas, right?

Luda is a good person – I would have declined the call.