Remember that picture of Kellan Lutz casually reading in a tree? Well here’s Ian Somerhalder casually reading on set. At least he is promoting his wife Nikki’s column in Elle.


Just rereading a mind-blowing article that I can not stop thinking about. I think many of you will like- I ask you to read and really think about. It's what I want to spend my life doing-finding solutions to old and dangerous problems. Sitting in This chair last night on the TVD set thinking... For years now I've often sat in this chair in the rain or shine- the warm and the frigid contemplating the path of my character on TV, myself and humanity itself. Over the years you, the audience, have allowed me to meet some very special people-people who can change the world and I'm forever grateful. Some of them very young, some of them very old and some in between but their ability to inspire me and those around them are some of the most impactful moments and relationships I've ever known. This article inspires me beyond words and it's written by someone who not only inspires those around her but inspires them to DO and BE more so that our world can be a better place. Check this out- I hope you have a moment to comment- I'm excited to hear your thoughts! You can email her- I suggest it she's reading them now!

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James Franco wears a bib. An ironic bib?


Having dinner with my Spider-man towel-bib💥

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Taylor Swift remembers her roots.


Getting ready to play 5 shows at Staples Center in LA this week and reminiscing about what my gigs used to be like.

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Imagine living next door to Oprah and she just drops off a big basket of vegetables. I wonder if she slips a self-help book in under the vine ripened tomatoes.


Loading up the jeep taking veggies to my neighbor. #Harvestday

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David Cross doesn’t want any part of his wife’s selfie.


#worsthusbandever at #hamiltononbroadway

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A close-up of Jen’s wedding ring, courtesy of its designer Jennifer Meyer Maguire.


Miranda Lambert goes “breakup blonde,” a new shade I just made up.


Lindsey Vonn feels the burn, even on vacation.  Did the house come with TRX equipment or does she pack it?


Alyssa Milano posted this. Look how bright Britney’s eyes are. And how smug Justin’s face is.


#TBT Justin, Britney, Alaa, and me!

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(Lainey: what makes this even more interesting is that JT and Alyssa dated, right after he broke up with Britney, and just before he and Cameron Diaz hooked up.)