Robert Downey Jr. wishes his wife a happy birthday, and I’m getting shades of Justin Timberlake.


It takes a confident woman to partner up with a big headed fella...Susan Downey, I'm grateful you were born. #HBDSD

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I can’t wait to watch Master of None this weekend. Just looking at a photo of his parents delights me.

Has no one told Cher she’s immortal? Snap out of it!

Vogue posted a really funny article about SRS (Sudden Repulsion Syndrome) and the gist is this: you are super into someone, boning day and night, and then you notice something minor that completely disgusts you and instantly kills the relationship. JLo does not have SRS. She has the opposite of SRS.

Wait, Anna Camp and Skylar Astin, from Pitch Perfect are dating? How did I not know this?! Does Duana know? (Lainey: yes)


When ur boyfriend pimps ur ride. πŸ”₯❀️@skylarastin

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Dylan Penn definitely has her mother’s good genes.


Miss her

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Honest Beauty has a dinner for the LA mommy mafia. Who do you think they talk sh-t about at these parties?

I’d love to know what Gisele thinks of Scott Eastwood. Judging by her face: not impressed.