I know this observation has probably been made a million times, but why do people pre-order digital albums? They aren’t going to run out of copies. He’s pretty adorable though. Sorry.


#sadboy not really sad it's just for effect #😢😢

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My sister has a crush on Ed Sheeran and it’s tearing our family apart (as in we constantly bug her about it). Anyways, here he is shading Spotify with Minnie Driver. Random.

Look at that big smile… Leo probably took this.


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Everyone is seeing Hamilton! Is downloading the soundtrack before having a chance to see it totally pointless? Someone tell me what to do here, I have Broadway FOMO.

A phrase I don’t say often (or, ever): Good dress on Kaley Cuoco.


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Some producers screen their projects at film festivals; Oprah screens hers at the United Nations.

Liv Tyler is an autumnal Pinterest board come to life.


ğŸŽƒğŸ‘€ğŸ‚ tis the season!!! ğŸ‚ğŸ‘€ğŸŽƒ

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