Oprah gets kale in her teeth, kale’s stock plummets.

Ryan Reynolds is 39 and doesn’t have to worry about getting a wood crate imbued with character for his birthday. That’s a relief.

Jeremy Renner should take a Twitter break. Honestly how hard is it to f-ck up a message as simple as equal pay?

James Franco probably stays up late to paint portraits of Tony Soprano, which is actually totally fine in my book.


Painting in the hotel🇺🇸

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Like Mindy Kaling says, in addition to fake hair, to look like a celebrity you need a tailor. These clothes just don’t magically fit them perfectly.

Rebel Wilson’s new clothing line has launched, and I really like the star-print t-shirt.

Chris Martin’s new girlfriend doesn’t mind showing her roots. Or dancing in the street with him.


Indulging in some metallic magic @ashleyleann13 #hair #scruffynomore

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I’m very into Aziz Ansari’s Master of None trailer, mostly because his dad kills me.