Brooklyn has perfected the family pose.


NY fashion week. Here we come

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Yes, Younger is filming again – why do we have to wait so long for season 2?


Kimmy Schmidt sent an a capella group to Mindy’s office in a gift war.


Dr. Dre will be interviewing Quincy Jones this Saturday. I wonder how Quincy remembers Tupac, who was engaged to his daughter Kidada, all these years later.


Darren Criss gets into Dismaland, which is apparently a huge headache. Which I think is the point?


I mean, you feel me right? #AdventuresFromDismaland

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Is @lohananthony the next Tavi? I hope so. He’s the kid behind, “Calling all you basic bitches….”?


With the LOvely LOhanthony @lohanthony #mjxgloss Happy to meet the legend!! 👯

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Carrie Underwood presented her fitness line at NY Fashion Week. I don’t like this look – stripes are too thin, hate a ruched sleeve (or ruched anything), the gold jewelry looks cheap, and the hair and makeup is too prom. For a fitness line.


Speaking of fashion week, why doesn’t New York attract bigger celebrities? It’s like the Daytime Emmys compared to the Oscars.