I didn’t know much about makeup artist Kristopher Buckle before Mariah’s World; he worked with Blake Lively for the Golden Globes and has photos of Sarah Paulson, Sheryl Crowe and Kate Beckinsale on his Insta. How do the really in-demand hair and makeup people schedule their appointments? What if you have two stars of equal calibre who want you at the same time – how do you decide which client is more important?

CHiPs was a little before my time, but was it a good TV show? Did it require a reboot? Does anyone want to watch a movie about bumbling cops? Or endless dick jokes? I’m tired of hearing about dicks. Men get erections, we get it.

Another dinosaur sweater! (Harry Styles has this one, too). YSL, yes it’s sold out. But I poked around and there are a lot of dinosaur options this year.



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How do you think Tracy Anderson rewards herself when she’s able to score another celeb client? She probably smells some chocolate or looks at pictures of cake.

These kids will do a reality show, for sure. They are trying to come up together and there’s a proven model for sisters on E!

Question: would you hold hands with your spouse like this at work? They are definitely on set – he is watching a monitor and there is someone behind him with headphones. I know sets are creative spaces and aren’t like working in an office or whatever, but this looks so extra.

Gigi’s birthday wish for Zayn – this is a good one, she used a solo shot of him.


happy birthday my handsome! so lucky to know and love a soul like yours β˜„wishing you the best year ever!!!

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