This is why I am not suited to practice mindfulness – I don’t want to be lectured by a tea bag.



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Valid point, each and every one.

Does this mean she’s pregnant, or is she talking past procreation? Who knew Porny could be so mysterious.


Happy to procreate with this Man 🔥

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“Happy Birthday Orly” – it was Orlando Bloom’s birthday yesterday. No shame in this game.


Happy bday Orly -celebrate kindness and who you are

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Younger started last night and it’s not playing in Canada yet. So bummed.


@suttonlenore @youngertv #youngertv

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Mary J. Blige loves Gwyneth. Does that make you hate G more or less?

I hope Sarah reviews 13 Hours, because I’m intrigued by the John Krasinski/Michael Bay pairing.

Hamilton, Duana, Hamilton!

I had a cable guy stand in my kitchen explaining TV to me for 20 minutes, so I made my friend call me to rush him out/make sure I didn’t get murdered. (Also I’m a touch sad that Sarah wasn’t nominated for I Smile Back, and I think they are missing an opportunity if they don’t ask her to present.)