Katy Perry threw Orlando Bloom a big surprise birthday over the weekend, and it’s interesting that she chose Palm Springs. Close to LA, yes, but far enough that she could cull the guest list. An “away” birthday is a good reason not to invite the whole world, you know? Which is interesting, considering how big Katy’s last party – a birthday sock hop – was.


best gift ever surprise visit from me mum ๐ŸŽˆ

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I wonder if there will be a Tobey Maguire-inspired character in Molly’s Game. If there is he will throw a sh-tfit.


โ„Nature is the most beautiful of backdropsโ„ #MollysGame

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How does Elle Macpherson look younger than Karlie Kloss?! What is this magic? And I know many will answer “filters” but there is a tautness here that can’t be faked.


Breakfast meetings with this boss โ˜•๏ธ @ellemacphersonofficial

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Hey do you want to know how dumb I am? Until a few weeks ago I thought xXx and the Furious franchises were the same thing. Didn’t realize they are two separate movies. I assumed Vin just made the same movie over and over.


Watch the watchers. Towering over LA.... NYC you're next. I'm coming for you! You ready? @xxxmovie

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I like that Michael B Jordan isn’t wearing a jersey. He’s like nahhh I just look hot as hell in my black t-shirt.



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Hope Ariana Grande gets a break from the coal mine soon.

Pee-wee looks looks straight out of a Ryan Murphy true crime production.

Claws – a TV show about a nail salon. This is such a great concept.

Very ashamed to admit I haven’t listened to a single episode of West Wing Weekly. I feel like I’m not prepared! Everything will go over my head. I need to focus.