Tracy Morgan continues his recovery – in a houndstooth blazer with elbow patches.


My baby girl came to watch me on @jimmyfallon tonight. You should too! #pickingupthepieces cc: @megan_wollover

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Allison Williams has a TV hangover and looks great. I wish she looked more like this on the red carpet instead of always trying to have a “fashion moment.”

Justin Theroux has the best celebrity run-ins on his Instagram – who else gets Jeffrey Tambor and Charlie Day? At the same time!

Another random run-in, the Biebs and Adam Sandler. Is Justin just being filmed all the time, like Beyonce? What I like about this interaction is that Justin turned around to say hi when his name was called. Of course a normal person turns when they hear their name, but a celebrity? I think many would just keep walking. Ugh I’m becoming a Belieber.


Totally did not plan getting that on video.!!! Super random Adam sander living legend

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According to Aziz, Tyrese has a private teppanyaki restaurant in his home. It’s like Gwyneth’s Hampton’s apple orchard and Barbara Streisand’s basement mall. The restaurant is called GibsiHana. This whole thing seems crazy enough to be true.

Ice Cube scares the sh-t out of Kevin Hart on stage.

Bryce Dallas Howard may have to buy her own dresses from department stores and online, but it pays off. Her look is hers, and she doesn’t dress like someone with no options.


These kids met in 1983 on the set of SPLASH. Fine parenting? Hanx

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Kelly Rohrbach starts slow-motion jogging rehearsals for Baywatch.


beach runs here we go 😜

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