Seth Rogen tried to sass his mom on Twitter and she had the best clapback.

Can a show be memed to death? Is that what is happening to Young Pope? Below is Jude Law and Sadie Frost’s daughter, Iris, in a new Burberry campaign. She is the toddler who accidentally ate an ecstasy tablet off the floor at a children’s birthday party. This moment in gossip history was brought to you by Soho House.

Get it, Gangnam Style? Because they’re ASIAN. Her comedic genius knows no bounds.


Adding more diversity to my life. #gangnamstyle

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Jake Johnson calls Michael Cera “Mike.” Obviously this is a very common shorthand for a very common name, but it doesn’t feel right. He’s a Michael.

Deep thoughts by Ashley Tisdale. She’s a YouTuber now, you know. The aesthetic is old home movie meets The Hills with a splash of “please get my Hermes pillow in the shot, it cost me a fortune.”

OF COURSE Bad Moms won a People’s Choice Award. This tweet though – it’s reading a little salty. I think it’s the “didn’t even know.” Like no one told her, or invited her.

What happens to all of Obama’s staffers now? Mindy Kaling had a flirtation with someone from his team, but it never worked out because of schedules (she wrote about it Why Not Me?). She also said Obama cockblocked her. He probably got a chuckle out of that. He laughs a lot. The new person never laughs.


Thank you for your service. ❤

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