Is watching someone falling out of a chair ever not funny? Trust me, hit play.


Video is too good not to post. :45 before air last night...

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I think she keeps a lookbook of what the Kardashians are doing and tells her stylists to copy it six months later.


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Is this a… blood pressure selfie?

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster are having a baby – they announced through a source, not on social media and she hasn’t confirmed it (yet). It’s the same strategy as Bradley and Irina, the no-reveal reveal, and I’m not mad at it.


Spotlight Award. @creativecoalition So honored. #sundance2017 #charlotte #thehero ☺☺❤🎥

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I look like Paul Ryan when I dab. (NSFW swears.)


Makin em dab all ovah dis muuuphukah! #Dabhand #backonmyfunnyshit #standup #comicvoodoo

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I just started following Catherine Zeta-Jones and she enjoys a good selfie. Oh and her house – if you are into décor, you will enjoy this feed.


Love waking up on a sunny morning. #SelfieSaturday

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