I’m sorry, I love the texts between Amy Schumer and Colin Quinn, I can’t help it. “Trust me it’ll go viral.”



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Squad quiet time. Guess it’s harder to round up an Instagram posse when everyone’s in Paris for fashion week.


Coffee//LOLs//window seat//girls night in//@kelseaballerini

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Well Karlie Kloss isn’t at fashion week, she’s making “kookies.” But she and Taylor must be keeping their hangouts more private – they don’t seem to share a lot of photos together anymore.

This is obviously a joke but I did read that dirt is a new food trend. Everyone is already drinking active charcoal, so dirt isn’t that outrageous.


Doing research for #fullycommitted has tuned me into a bit of a food snob on the #ModernFamily set. @fullybroadway

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Why is Milo’s chair so small? Do they assign them by height?



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They really are like a married couple – hiding in the bathroom for a few minutes of texting and watching YouTube clips is the cornerstone of a happy marriage.


@jennikonner knew I was texting in the bathroom

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It’s harder to eat one chip, for sure!


POLL: which is harder: to eat only one chip (crisp) or just one spoonful of cereal? Discuss.

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We are supposed to pay attention to Lily-Rose Depp now. So here you go. And that’s Kevin Smith’s daughter, Harley.


Sweating it's so fucking hot here in park city. Somebody throw an ice cube down my shirt

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You have to admire his dedication in getting the t-shirt made. I can honestly say I’ve never met a “real life Mormon.”


Skippy "I'm a real life Mormon" @sundance photo @nlyonne

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“Your girl is lovely, Hubbell. Why don't you bring her for a drink when you come?” Her name is Katie too. I don’t blame her for giving into this urge, not one bit.