This will get reposted without humour or irony a few hundred times because Instagram has never met an inspirational quote it doesn’t like.


This is my new favorite thing. Highly polished nonsense.

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Um, Gina Rodriguez and Ben Schwartz are dating. Am I the only one who cares about this? Jean-Ralphio Saperstein and Jane the Virgin you guys!


Thank you @bucknerphoto and @variety. There are so many people I want to thank.

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700k Warriors?! The love is real and strong, this journey is nothing without you all. #happyDance

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That point in your engagement where you are still blissfully in love and not going four rounds over whether or not to invite your mom’s sister’s stepdaughter’s 3 children to the wedding because it’s a sit down dinner and didn’t we decide no kids?


#Repost @therealannacamp ・・・ Tuesday night hike. Feelin just right 💘

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Elizabeth Banks meets the Mother of Dragons.


Mother of Dragons came to visit. #gameofthrones #fangirl #wcw Emilia!!!

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Tami Taylor loves the F word.

Andie McDowell is still not happy about being bumped to tourist class. I’ve never heard that term, “tourist class.” It’s a sophisticated way of saying, “lumpy poors.” That aside, people are going crazy on her but seriously, who hasn’t had a horrific experience with a power tripping airline employee? They hold your fate (and luggage) in their hands: 4 hour direct flight home or 16 hour layover in Timbuktu.

Serious question for musical theatre nerds: Is Grease a good musical? Because I think it’s really terrible and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be terrible, or kitschy, or earnestly good?


✈️Flying to New York today and missing my pink ladies already. @gogrease

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Great Elsa Schiaparelli coat on Kate Bosworth.


Paris, je t'aime 💕 till next time xx (especially missing you in this spot @michael.polish ... 😘)

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This will either tickle your c-nt bone or blacken your heart.


#karllagerfeld #parisjetaime #chanel

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