Just waiting for a game show host to jump out and point out the hidden cameras.

“I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!” We all know the clip, we’ve seen the memes and gifs. Buzzfeed has a fantastic new story about the person on the receiving end of Tyra’s outburst, Tiffany Richardson. I’m curious if Tyra will have a public response.

Kate Hudson has jury duty and I’m so jealous. I want jury duty so badly but I’ve never been called – I think I’d be very good at it. Question though: can you be dismissed for being too judgmental? That might be a problem.


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I was flipping channels and caught 5 minutes of a Lip Sync Battle rerun last night. I mean it was never good but holy sh-t it’s terrible now; kudos to LL and Chrissy Teigen for continuing to show up with some enthusiasm. Novelty TV is so fickle. One season you have Channing and Beyoncé, the next you have the 3rd lead on a CBS crime procedural.



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I rarely, if ever, like bangs but Bryce’s might be perfect. And now I want them? I’m so confused.

Yes I know this post is about Nashville but the EW podcast Binge is covering FNL and they are teasing lots of stories. Stories about Grandma Saracen! And characters that kind of… went away after season 2. Smash, Tyra, Matt, Buddy, Street and yes Tami all make appearances. What are you curious about? I kind of want to know what happened to J.D. McCoy.


Stopped by the @nashvillecmt offices today. This lady is a lot taller than I am.

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