And I hear Nicole Kidman is in talks to play Janet. Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.


BREAKING NEWS: Actor Alec Baldwin in talks to play brother Jermaine in Michael Jackson bio pic (developing)

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Eminem collects cassettes – where would you even get a tape these days, at a record store? I have to say though, I always liked them better than CDs, which were always scratching and skipping.


Been working on my cassette collection...

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Mocktresses hug like they’ve just been rescued from the Titanic.


Fierce hold on a fierce woman ❤️ @jaime_king xx

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Allison Williams got bangs at 3:20 a.m. That’s not a decision you make when you are tired. Getting bangs has long-term consequences. And how does getting a hair cut in the middle of the night work? Is it because Chris’s prime hours are reserved for Jennifer Aniston?


It's 3:20 am and @mrchrismcmillan just banged me ‼️ 💇🏼✂️ #PastMyBedtime

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Well instead of giving them back and whining about it why don’t you just cut a cheque. Then they are yours.

I may have just uncovered the greatest musical conspiracy theory of all time.
Minka Kelly and Scott Porter both went to see Hamilton, and the obvious hope is that it was an FNL reunion and they were talking about the one-night-only musical happening this summer. Reese was there as well. Couldn’t you see Reese playing Tami Taylor for one night, y’all?


It's happening!!! @hamiltonmusical #wheninnewyork #hamiltonMusical

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