This morning Lainey posted about Leo’s New Year – I was curious about how he spent his holiday, because a good portion of the Wolf Pack was in Las Vegas at Marquee and they are loath to be apart, particularly on big party nights like NYE and Halloween. Kevin Connolly did the Escalator Challenge.


I learned a lot from YouTube in 2016!!!! Happy New Years #2017 #escalatorchallenge... great cinematography @donatiennela

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Did you know Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd have done 5 movies together? That’s a DVD box set worth.


My friend.

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This piece snuck in as one of my favourite reads of 2016. “You know how long Denzel needs to get into a role? Sh-t the fuck up, that’s how long.” 


Happy Birthday to the tremendous artist and human spirit, #DenzelWashington!

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Miley and Liam were inseparable over the holidays, and very demonstrative about it. Which made me think of Dora, the dog that brought them back together. They clearly adore her. I know they say a baby can’t save a marriage, but can a new dog save an engagement?

The Russell/Hawn/Hudson family adopted Chelsea Handler for the holidays.

I am very interested in where celebs spend New Year’s Eve, because they can go anywhere in the world. Katy and Orlando went to Tokyo – that would be in my top 3.



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Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson went to Tahoe.

Karlie Kloss was on a yacht with Derek Blasberg and, who else?, Wendi Deng. With a cameo by Paul McCartney.


Happy New Year from me and Paul and Jimmy and @karliekloss

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Half of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants were together at midnight (they later FaceTimed with America).


Hi, 2017.

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Bella Hadid spent the night with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, strengthening the anti-squad Squad. Will the Hadid sisters be divided by an Insta-model civil war in 2017? Taylor won’t be on the front lines – she’s more of a strategist.


I🖤U HNY!!!!!🥂

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The state of the movie star 2017: How is this the best cover they could come up with for Chris Pratt? He is charming and lovable and handsome, the Golden Retriever of men. This looks like a catalogue shot.