Armie Hammer reading a hardcover copy of This Will Only Hurt a Little is in fact a mood. 


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In 2019, I’m going to stop saying, “I missed this” as it relates to TV and movie announcements because it’s impossible to keep up with everything. I can’t even keep up with Netflix. That’s why I had no idea that Idris Elba is working on Turn Up Charlie, a comedy series about a middling DJ who takes a manny job. Idris is of course a real-life DJ who has just been announced to play Coachella, so the timing of this works. And the “lost man whose life is changed by a child” is actually well-worn comedic and dramatic territory: Jerry Maguire, Kindergarten Cop, Man on Fire, About a Boy. That’s just off the top of my head.


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Barry was one of my favourite shows of 2018 and this new interview with Bill Hader in Variety is quite insightful. He talks about the anxiety of SNL and what his professional rise has cost him in his personal life. Anytime an actor levels up and seems to be everywhere, it’s because they are working constantly. That time has to be sacrificed out of another part of their life and it Bill’s case, that means seeing his children 5 days last summer. 


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Because it was new to Netflix, it seems like a lot of us watched You over the holiday break. Penn Badgley is kind of perfect as Joe, right? Playing stupid Dan Humphries was the ideal training. 


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There’s been speculation that Gigi and Zayn have broken up but we’ve been here before with these two. Until one of them is with someone else, reconciliation is always a possibility. 


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Kevin Hart is scheduled to appear on Ellen next week and I’m curious to see how he will play it. He went through a few stages with his apology: it was a combination of “why you mad, haters” and “let’s stay positive” and then a decision to step down rather than apologize for his homophobic remarks, followed up by something resembling an apology. GLAAD issued a statement shortly thereafter and said, “Kevin Hart shouldn’t have stepped down; he should have stepped up.” Do you think Kevin will step up on Ellen, or will it be a repeat of the same old?


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I had to Google “atoll.” Gwyneth Paltrow’s vacation is so expensive I need a dictionary to understand it. 


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