I very badly want Gwyneth Paltrow to develop a keen interest in Chinese astrology so that Lainey can out-goop her with her expertise.


I hope that the Rooster of 2017 brings with it peace, kindness and humanity. 新年好 / 新年好 🐔❤

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I heard the term “Two Broke Girls hair” the other day and it made me laugh. Clip-ins, I’m guessing?

Karlie Kloss was cheering on her friend Serena at the Australian Open – the Daily Mail has video of her congratulating Serena after the match. She’s a squealer.

Things between Robin Thicke and Paula Patton appear to be getting worse. So it’s interesting that he chose to post a photo of himself – he rarely does. If it’s an image thing, perhaps he could have lost the sunglasses, just this one time.


Happy Birthday baby Gabriella! Well done Moni and Rick! Love you. #WereTheGodParents

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David Beckham said he and Victoria renewed their vows, which would usually make me a little nervous (for many celeb and reality show couples, it’s the last gasp of a marriage). But they only had 6 people in attendance, 4 of which were probably their children. They didn’t sell the photos or even post it on social media. Think back to their castle wedding and purple thrones 17 YEARS ago – did you ever think the Brand Beckham would be low-key and restrained?


I think they love him! We 💜 you @davidbeckham X VB 🙏🏻

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Did you read Kathleen’s post on Gina Rodriguez today? Please do, because then you will know why I am annoying Kathleen with a photo of Kaley.



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