I’m including this because it’s a rare Sam Rockwell sighting on social media, and “Sammy Rocks” cracks me up.

Theo Rossi looking kinda hot playing bocce, which is a highly underrated summertime activity in that it requires zero physical exertion.


Don't sleep on my #BOCCE game!

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Gina Rodriguez looks good as a blonde AND pulls off those sunglasses.


I mean I did have fun as a brunette...

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The First Baby Mama of One Direction Briana Jungwirth is not pleased with the new photos of Louis Tomlinson and his girlfriend taking care of baby Freddie. This is the social media equivalent of taking off your shoes and earrings before a beat down.

Last year, Vogue did a story on the Gerber/Crawford’s family ritual of heading to Muskoka in the summer. She said there’s no “game face” at the lake. Do you think she feels that way about Lake Como, too?


Summer has begun! β˜€οΈ#FamilyTime

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Tripping in flip-flops is the worst and easy to do. (Lainey: I broke my arm in flip-flops!) I gave up flip flops except for when I’m at the beach and I don’t miss them at all.

But by blurring herself out, didn’t she actually make herself the focus of the picture? I don’t think that was her intention, but my eye went to her first.

I don’t think Jessica Chastain will be writing a HuffPo essay about being photographed while riding the subway. Partly because Jessica Chastain, two-time Oscar winner and one of the most in-demand actresses in Hollywood, chooses to be low-key and unrecognizable enough to ride the subway.


Guess you thought you were being sneaky πŸ˜†πŸ“·πŸ“·πŸ“·πŸ“·πŸ˜† #gotcha

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Annnnnd it’s been another garbage week in the world, so here’s Halle Berry in a meadow.


Thank God for my happy place.

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