I don’t know who keeps Naomi Campbell’s calendar but I must say she never misses a birthday or special anniversary.

Diddy wants to apologize for being an asshole and start being more positive. He should take cues from Kevin Hart and The Rock – both of them have the most upbeat social media posts. But I think theirs work because they are genuine.

In John’s defense cacio e pepe looks easy to make but getting the balance and flavour right takes a few tries.

Can you imagine how much Andy Cohen is enjoying all the social media drama? He knows good dish. (John, someone I’m guessing falls under Calvin’s mention of ETC, is probably having a good chuckle as well.)


Found a #GinghamCowboy at Fenway! #deadandcompany

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Tobey and his wife Jen are in Capri (you can see the top of Tobey’s head in this photo). Are Leo and his new bonafide going to join? The bonafide usually gets one vacation.


Traffic 🛥

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Apparently Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel, co-founder of Snapchat, are close to getting engaged. I imagine Evan is pretty pleased today – the biggest gossip story of the year was shared on his platform.


Made it! 💪🏻🐶

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Gabrielle Union is here for the tea while wearing a sick pair of leather joggers I’m going to immediately start looking for online.


Over here in Shanghai looking at social media like... 👀👀👀😳😂#mytimelinetho #zenpandas

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