Is Jamie Foxx the only Academy Award winner who can do club appearances and not lose any of his prestige? I can’t think of any other actor who can float between music and movies, club appearances and the Oscars. Discuss.


@jewelnightclub let's do it again! I'll be back with ya August 12 in Vegas, who's comin?!

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Do you think Kevin, Anna and Justin had a chance to gossip about Ben Affleck and Nannygate? I think so. Kevin will never let you forget he knew Ben first.


Kevin Smith bytheway #Latergram #Wheee #SDCC2016

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And do you think Stella McCartney, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Meyer and Dasha Zhukova (wife of Roman Abramovich) gossiped over lunch? Oh definitely – and that would be a session worth listening in on.



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How is it we (as in society) can launch people into space but no one can come up with a pain-free way to get rid of a rogue chin hair.

I hope Taylor isn’t tempted to bring Rita Ora into the fold for some anti-Calvin support. Nothing good will come of it.


Just found this. No clue what the rules are lol #day1 ❤️❤️🏓🏓

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Shailene is too busy fighting the establishment to worry about the Divergent series going straight to TV.

Uzo’s major braids.


Big hair, don't care.

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You know how there’s First World Problems? Scott Eastwood has Bro World Problems – he didn’t get up in time to pump some iron and flex his pecs.