Robert Downey Jr. helps promote a Sorkin master class. Not sure why. What am I missing here? Is it because they are repped by the same PR company?

Love this outfit on Leslie, particularly the kicks.

Jeremy Renner and his ex are fighting again, this time over preschool tuition. They are going to spend $100k to sort out how to split $1600/month.


My song writing partner today !! #daddydaughtertime #littlehelper #studio #musiclover

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I thought Chelsea left E! to get away from this family?


When a karsashian's ass is only slightly larger than your own. Qué pasó? @khloekardashian MY fave

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HOW is Iman 61?!

Sarah McLachlan is pretty fine.

If you’ve watched Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, did you catch Valencia’s Lea Michele reference in the Thanksgiving episode? It was one of my favourite lines of the season. "I read a book by Lea Michele about journaling. It has a lot of blank pages, so it's basically a journal." Valencia would totally download Lea’s album.

I get the need for a comfortable butt pillow but why sit right next to a garbage can? It’s not even the garbage that grosses me out (although that is part of it), it’s the likelihood that mice are nearby.


No chair no problem! @wondergel_seats best purchase of the year! #fenwayseats #luxurylife

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If Dwayne Johnson was president he’d let you call him President Rock. He’d prefer it actually.

Minka Kelly already loves This Is Us.