BE HONEST, did you think they would last 17 years? I hoped, but didn’t think it was possible. Let’s not jinx it.

A few weeks ago I mentioned Sienna Miller, then a couple of days later Balthazar Getty. This weekend, his wife Rosetta hosted a weekend in Tuscany with friends like Alex Pettyfer and Milla Jovovich and an assortment of cool European and American socialites/actors/editors/fashion people. As one does. And I wonder… do Rosetta and Sienna’s social circles overlap at all?


Cheers! Fabulous night #rosettagettyxtuscany

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Shout-out to the industrious Snapchat users who managed to screencap Kendall Jenner’s “cutest little Ziploc baggie” before she deleted it.

Uh oh, Wiz Khalifa has figured out the secret to our feminine mood swings.

Two things of note: 1. JLo and Lin-Manuel Miranda are working together. 2. Her pants look suspiciously like Juicy sweatpants.

A photo from the set of The Glass Castle – look at all the adorable ginger kids!


Smashing day with the #glasscastlemovie #family 🌳

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I just got my driver’s license a few years ago. Um, I hope Lady Gaga is better at driving than I am. Learning as an adult sucks.


Me at the DMV πŸ™ˆ. SCHOOLS OUT 🀘🏽🚬

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Happy 4th of July!


What a beautiful #july4th surprise! Sending so much love to my countrymen from across the sea! #independanceday

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